- Voice Picking Systems
- Rugged mobile computers
- Vehicle mounted solutions
- Wearable scanning systems
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Honeywell & Motorola Hand-held computers.


- Streamline your processes
- Manage your workflow
- Improve your bottom line

Honeywell / Intermec CN80 Mobile Computer


Streamline your warehouse
with voice-directed work.

RF Barcode Systems, your warehouse technology partner.

Hand-Held Computers

RFBS supply, install and support the full range of Zebra and Honeywell products including hand-held and wearable RF terminals, barcode label printers. We offer device management solutions and service plans to help you make the most of your technology investment.

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Voice Picking

RFBS implement the full range of Honeywell Voice equipment including the A730x wearable computer, SRX3 Bluetooth headset and VoiceLink middleware solution. Talk to our experts about how you can achieve 99.95% pick accuracy and improve productivity by over 30%.

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WMS Software

RFBS design and implement solutions using the Navigator warehouse system. Navigator allows you to scan receive and put away, automate replenishment and stock rotation, run RF picking or voice picking, link to EDI and freight management systems.

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Optimised Processes

From goods inwards to despatch, our suite of software and hardware products make it easier for your staff to follow standardised processes - improving inventory accuracy and reducing wasted effort.

Order Picking

Pick efficiently and accurately - choose from 15 different picking strategies.


Efficient RF receiving and directed put-away.


Navigator's advanced inventory functionality helps you keep track of stock across multiple warehouse and bins.


Eliminate hold-ups in your picking process with directed replenishment tasks.


Mobile Barcode Readers

Reduce paperwork and increase pick accuracy with mobile computers.

Honeywell Voice Picking

Increase productivity by 35% and eliminate picking errors with a pick by voice solution.

Field-Force Devices

Process transactions on the road with 3G hand-held computers.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Full or half-screen, QWERTY keyboard devices for forklift-driven tasks.

Label Printers

Print high-volume on-demand barcode labels.

Mobile Printers

Print barcode labels on demand from anywhere in your warehouse.

Hand-Held Scanners

Barcode scanners for PC and IOS devices.

Wearable Computing

Wearable computers for scan-intensive applications.