Scan-Intensive Applications

Wearable computers allow your staff to efficiently pick, pick, and despatch orders at carton level. Pickers don't need to pick up and put down a scanner, because the computer is securely strapped to their wrist. The scanner itself is strapped to the index finger for point-and-shoot operation.

Wearables are typically deployed in logistics applications, including:

  • carton picking
  • container unloading
  • carton despatch

Wearable computers are available from Zebra (WT6000), Honeywell (Dolphin 70e).

When companies approach us to discuss wearable terminals, it is often discovered that Voice Directed picking would provide a better overall solution. If you are trying to decide, review our voice solutions and call us on 1300 136 419 so we can help you on your journey.

  • Wrist-mounted computers.
  • Finger-mounted scanner for barcode capture.
  • Supports scan-intensive applications.