Software Distribution and Revision Control

Wavelink Avalanche provides tools to centrally manage all aspects of your mobile device fleet, including network settings, device settings and software packages.

Preloaded on devices supplied by RFBS, the Avalanche Enabler provides a Scan-to-Configure function, which automatically creates wireless settings without the need to type complex settings and pass-phrases on a small keyboard. Simply power up your devices and scan a sheet of barcodes to load your software and get started using the device.

Wavelink's automatic deployment function connects to your Wavelink server to download and install all of the software packages required for each device without manual intervention.

Case Study: Prouds Jewellers

Prouds Jewellers partnered with RFBS over a decade ago to implement a solution for their jewellery and giftware warehouses. In 2003, their choice of scanner did not support the Wavelink platform, so all scanner maintenance was performed by hand. Implementing a new function, fixing a bug or changing wireless settings would require a staff member to spend several days uploading updates to scanners using a cradle.

Fast forward 11 years and Prouds again chose RFBS to design a new picking solution using the latest Motorola scanner technology. During the installation, the Avalanche Enabler was pre-loaded on to all of the Motorola devices and the software was packaged and uploaded to the Avalanche server. This meant that as soon as the devices were taken out of the box and placed in the charger, Avalanche automatically uploaded the current software version and the devices were ready for use.

Ultimately, Wavelink Avalanche will allow Prouds Jewellers to make better use of their hardware investment because it is now simple to update scanners to a new software version as business requirements change.
  • Simplified device management
  • Single-click software loading
  • Scan-to-configure function.