Stay-Linked, with its Client2Hostâ„¢ thin-client architecture, overcomes all of the typical challenges associated with deploying wireless terminals in your enterprise by providing:
  • Reliable host-based preservation of wireless user application screens/sessions
  • Centralized wireless session/device configuration, monitoring and control
  • Secure end-to-end data transmission between wireless users and application hosts

Key Benefits:

  • Terminal sessions are never lost. Stay-Linked uses its own emulation client and detects when devices are out of range of an access point. Stay-Linked automatically reconnects users to the ERP system when wireless coverage is regained.
  • Help-Desk Calls are Reduced. IT departments are no longer burdened by support calls from the warehouse to reset "lost" sessions.
  • Stay-Linked is secure. Telnet based applications send data across the network (and the airwaves) in clear text. Because Stay-Linked software is running on the server and on the client,  Stay-Linked implements its own encryption to ensure that enterprise data is not compromised.
  • Eliminate dropped VT100/5250 sessions.
  • Centrally manage device configuration.
  • Windows Mobile, iOS and Android compatible.