Picking of stock orders is arguably the most important task performed in any warehouse. Using technology solutions including mobile computers to replace paper pickslips is not only more accurate, it is also adds to your bottom line by increasing the efficiency of your workers.

At RFBS, we recognise that every warehouse has its own unique challenges. We have worked with our clients to implement order fulfillment and warehouse picking strategies which align closely with their existing processes, and allow them to reach their future goals.

Order picking using an Intermec CK71
When transitioning from a paper based picking system to Navigator, the Order at a Time strategy can deliver accuracy and performance gains with a minimum of retraining for staff. Pickers are assigned orders electronically and complete the entire document, item at a time, walking in a set sequence through the warehouse. Navigator allows you to pick order at a time using both barcode scanning and voice directed technologies.
Zone picking using the CK3
In a zone picking environment, Navigator allows you to break your warehouse up into smaller sections (zones). Pickers are assigned a zone, and work within this zone for the duration of the shift. Pickers are assigned sections of a pick slip relevant to their zone. Each order is completed faster, because picking for each zone is completed at the same time. At the end of the pick, goods are consolidated (either via a packer or by your parcel courier). Zone picking can significantly reduce the time taken to complete each pick by reducing the distance each picker walks. This strategy can be especially valuable when the picking environment spans several sheds or mezzanine levels.
For warehouses where a large number of small orders are processed each day (e.g. web shop fulfilment), Navigator supports a batch picking process in which multiple customer orders are filled in a single walk through the warehouse. Navigator removes the need for a second consolidation step by ensuring that goods are placed into the correct shipping carton at the time of picking. Completed cartons can then be weighed and despatched without the need for repacking.
For retail fulfilment warehouses in which there are a fixed number of stores, Navigator supports put to store. In this model, the picker breaks down a bulk pallet of product to each store pallet based on a distribution plan. This approach allows bulk pallets to be retrieved from storage in order of weight (heaviest first) by one picker, and a second picker to perform the distribution. This approach is extremely fast and accurate and is typically used in retail replenishment environments.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce picking mistakes and improve customer satisfaction by replacing paperwork with mobile computers.
  • Optimise throughput by implementing standardised process and remove the need for double-checking.
  • Integrates with other warehouse functions, including replenishment and putaway to reduce double-handling.
  • Talk to RFBS about the most appropriate picking strategy for your warehouse.