VoiceArtisan: A New Breed of Voice Solutions

VoiceCatalyst is the engine behind successful modern voice applications. The platform allows the development of future-proof voice applications which support voice, scanning and even screen-based workflows. With the native ability to support seamless online/offline processing, the Vocollect solution is the most flexible solution to voice-enable warehouse workflows.

Applications built for VoiceCatalyst run on Vocollect's latest generation A700x and legacy A500/A700 mobile devices as well as Windows PCs and selected third-party hand-held devices.

Multi Modal Support

With VoiceCatalyst, voice applications become multi-modal. By adding a wearable screen to the worker's wrist, the hands-free advantages of voice can be extended to all areas of the warehouse - not just picking.

Advanced Connectivity

Traditionally, voice applications have been limited to simple "socket" based communication methods. With VoiceCatalyst, however, applications can present data to users from a wide range of sources including web services.

Enhanced Quality

VoiceCatalyst applications are built using industry-standard development tools and methods. Applications can be written and tested entirely on a PC, reducing development costs by as much as 50%.