Honeywell Guided Workflow Solutions

Improve efficiency in your warehouse through the use of speech technology.

RFBS have partnered with Honeywell to deliver the latest generation of voice workflows, which run on your existing Android devices (Guided Workflow)

Replace the traditional paper based pickslip or hand-held mobile computer with a Bluetooth SRX3 headset. Pickers hear, rather than watch each pick instructions. By removing the need to write on a pickslip or type into a scanner, pickers can achieve a 25% uplift in productivity. Through the use of optimised batch picking strategies, workers can increase productivity by 40% or more.

GWS builds on traditional voice applications, allowing pickers to:

  • switch between activities (e.g. from receiving to picking and batch) on a single device.
  • use a screen to review items when required (e.g. picking instructions, batch numbers of serial numbers).
  • use the inbuilt scanner to confirm product serial numbers or read composite GS1-128 barcodes (e.g. batch and expiry date).

  • Voice-enable your Android devices
  • Combine voice with scanner input.
  • Enhance efficiency through hands-free picking.