EDI and Scan Packing

Navigator supports EDI / scan packing as part of its standard scanner and voice driven picking processes - reducing compliance costs when dealing with larger retailers, including Myer, David Jones, Coles and Woolworths.

EDI works particularly well with Navigator's voice-directed put-to-order and batch picking processes, where similar skus are distributed to multiple stores in differing quantities. This allows pickers to make one pass through the warehouse to pick 4 or more identical orders at a time. Alternatively, the put-to-store process allows full pallet-loads of stock to be distributed across multiple store-ready cartons or pallets.

The solution prints SSCC labels as a part of the picking process, and captures 'scan pack' information to compile the ASN without the need to use a separate system to re-scan the stock.

Navigator, in combination with VendorConnect is an alternative to Go-Far WMS.

  • Simplify trading with major retailers
  • Create SSCC labels as part of picking.
  • Compile and send ASN documents without double-scanning.