Navigator Warehouse Management System is a powerful solution for managing work within your distribution centre. Navigator can assist your business to become more profitable by:
  • reducing picking mistakes, leading to a reduction in credit claims
  • improving picking speed, allowing you to meet promised delivery times without increasing staff levels
  • streamlining replenishments to reduce avoidable 'short picks'
  • providing real-time data on worker productivity

Our Navigator warehouse software allows you to easily implement RF scanning and RF receiving in order to reduce picking mistakes and improve warehouse performance.

Advanced Warehouse Functionality

Navigator has modules available to streamline:
  • Inventory - Maintain detailed bin-level inventory with support for bulk stock management, replenishment and put away [ Read More ]
  • Goods Receiving - Scan receive stock against purchase orders [ Read More ]
  • Put away - Directed putaway improves picking accuracy and speeds up receiving [ Read More ]
  • Replenishment - Prioritised replenishment directs workers to fill bins in priority order, with bulk stock selected by age [ Read More ]
  • Cycle Counting - Prevent a closed warehouse stocktake by counting sections of the warehouse each day [ Read More ]
  • Order Picking - Select the right picking strategy for your unique circumstances, including order at a time, voice picking, scan picking, batch picking, zone picking  [ Read More ]
  • Despatch - Produce consignment labels for over 200 carriers. Integrate dispatch with your workflows [ Read More ]
  • EDI / Scan Packing - Produce ASN documents and SSCC labels to trade with major retailers. Integrate SSCC labelling with picking to avoid double-handling [ Read More ]

Warehouse Tools

Navigator WMS is designed to work with a wide range of 'fit for purpose' tools. For advice on the equipment which would be most suited to your unique environment, please contact our office on 1300 136 419.

Hand-Held Scanners:

A traditional method of improving accuracy of picking is "rf scanning" or "rf picking". Pickers carry a scanner (for example, an Intermec CK71 or Zebra MC92N0) and scan barcodes on items to confirm the correctness of the item supplied. The quantity picked is then typed into a keyboard and uploaded to the WMS. These devices are also used for rf receiving, rf stocktake and cycle counting. [Read More]

Voice Directed Picking

A voice-enabled order picking process means pickers hear pick instructions over a headset and use speech to verify the product being picked, and to record the quantity supplied. A mobile computer (for example, the Honeywell A730X, A720 or A710) is belt mounted and connects to a wireless SRX3 headset (cabled headsets are also available, including the SR-30  high noise headset and SR-21 headset). Picking efficiency gains can exceed 35% when used with smarter picking strategies including batch and zone picking. [Read More]

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Forklift mounted computers like the Honeywell VM1A allow warehouse workers to see a large amount of data (ie a full screen) and are typically connected to a long-range barcode reader in order to scan pallet license plates (SSCC barcodes) like the SR-61. [Read More]

Wearable Scanners & Computers

Wrist-mounted and belt-mounted mobile computers are a good choice for piece and full case picking. Without having to continually pick up and put down a scanner, your warehouse can achieve a greater throughput with less effort. [Read More]


Navigator can be connected to all ERP and accounting systems: