Powerful Despatch Workflows

Navigator transfers delivery information from your accounting system to over 200 carriers - reducing mistakes and automatically consolidating shipments for the same address.

Navigator enhances your despatch operation:

  • Supports standard carton sizes/weights.
  • Record weights and dimensions during picking, with data entered into the hand-held computer or Vocollect system.
  • Supports data entry at the packing bench via a PC.
  • Supports zone picking, with cartons from multiple zones despatched as they pass through a central despatch point.

Navigator supports additional value-added despatch functions:
  • Capture and return consignment note number and cost to your accounting system.
  • Print additional addressed carton/pallet labels.
  • Print packing list for inclusion with the order.
  • Email customers with a packing list, consignment note number and track and trace instructions.

  • Interface to over 200 carriers.
  • Remove addressing errors.
  • Flexible data entry options.