Navigator's replenishment module ensures that picking locations are kept at optimal levels by directing users to perform sequenced tasks in order to reduce picking delays. Navigator maintains a minimum inventory level for each location and product, and turns on a replenishment request flag as soon as either:

  • Inventory levels are below the minimum (a low priority replenishment)
  • Inventory levels are below the demand for the bin (a high priority replenishment)
The replenishment module is integrated with all other transactions, allowing replenishment jobs to be 'completed' by:
  • Manually transferring stock from a bulk location or pallet;
  • Receiving stock directly into the picking location;
  • Performing a replenishment transaction;
  • Performing a directed-putaway transaction;

Business Benefits:

  • Automatically suggest minimum inventory levels for each bin based on historical demand.
  • Ensure stock is placed into the correct picking location.
  • Prioritise replenishment tasks to minimise picking disruption.
  • Perform directed putaway on the pallet to reduce the number of pallet movements.