Momentum Pro

Navigator enhances Markinson's Momentum Pro ERP package with full warehousing capabilities. By removing paperwork from your warehouse, you can benefit from enhanced accuracy with access to more efficient picking strategies.

Enhanced Warehouse Practices

Navigator for MoPro has modules available to streamline:


Navigator allows staff to request a list of purchase orders by supplier from their mobile computer. The system verifies all scanned items against Momentum Pro and immediately records inventory against a bin location or pallet.


Navigator receives sales orders and branch transfers from Momentum Pro via E-Gateway, and creates pick slips for processing by the relevant warehouse. Navigator allows you to go beyond "one person, one order", and maximises efficiency by allowing picking to be completed in any of 14 different ways, including:
  • Scan or voice pick one order at a time.
  • Voice pick up to 26 small orders in a single walk through the warehouse.
  • Split one pick amongst two or more pickers.
When picking is complete, sales orders are processed using the E-Gateway module to produce invoices.

Freight Management

Navigator links with the freight management tool SmartFreight to reduce the time taken to despatch each order. Produce consignment labels for over 200 different carriers without re-typing an address. Navigator adds the consignment note number and freight cost to the E-Gateway file returned to Momentum Pro.

  • Pick sales orders using scanner or voice
  • Scan-receiving of received goods.
  • Interface to IFS to produce consignment labels.